My internship at Raak creative

I learned a lot while my internship at Raak Creative. I achieved the goals I had for this period, my English is way better than before and my design are getting better too. I learned how to build a presentation and sell your product to the client. I’m also better with talking to my colleagues and asking for feedback. I learned a different way to build my presentation and tell a story before I show the end result, this was very helpful. And everything in English was new too, I thought it was much harder but I’m better than I thought in the first place. I find out I’m better in English then I thought. It’s not that hard to make a conversation with someone else. Now I’m here on my own and play soccer with an Australian team, which forces me to have a chat with other people. It takes me out of my comfort zone and that is good for me. I don’t know if every single thing about this job suits me. I like the design part and the presentations but the research part is not my favourite thing about it.

As I said earlier, all my work processes are achieved. I worked hard for it and saw every feedback as a thing to work on and that makes me learn more. The feedback from my colleagues were that I have to explain more why I did the things I did to sell my work. I will take every feedback with me to my upcoming projects at school and after that. I had a great time at Raak creative and learned a lot.

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