Presentation for AKI-TO

I had my third presentation in the last week of my internship so that Brent could make comparison with the others and judge me for my final review. I had three presentations during my internship at Raak Creative and it went better every time.

This presentation was about AKI-TO. I had to make a new brand for a hotel in Helsinki, Finland that is managed by two young architects. After I read the brief, I read it one more time with Brent and wrote the important things down, things that I could use in my presentation.


The process for this presentation was way more organised than the other two. I first wrote the important things from the brief down. I started with a moodboard about what the hotel looks like so I could start with my design based on the hotel. Doing this helped me with designing the logo and stationery. I did more research about the style I had to use and the country surroundings to make my design work.

I used every feedback from the other two presentations to make this one the best of all three and my colleagues were impressed about the slides. You can find my presentation below.

My presentation

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