Presentation for Smith & Johnson (E)

By 13 juni 2019RAAK


I worked for 3 weeks in total on this project, I got an email from Peter with the brief. He sent this email to all the colleagues so everybody knew what I was working on. After I read the brief I could start with my research about the bank. It was about a private bank from London and they wanted to focus on appealing to  a younger audience. The research part had so much of my attention that it took a bit longer than I thought. I sent my presentation a few times to Brent for some feedback, he gave me advice were I could work with.

One of the feedback parts was that I could expand my story more, I could use more slides for one subject. At the slide with the overview of the brief could I expand my story on more than one slide, for example to name and show the points listed by the customer separately. Brent also gave me the feedback that I could design my presentation in a different way, instead of a blank background I can use a photo that fits with the subject I’m talking about. I also get the note that I could expand my story more, my presentation went well but if I spread every subject it can make my presentation longer and more detailed.

My presentation went well to be honest. I didn’t write down what I was going to say like the first time so it wasn’t as smooth, but because of the clean story in my presentation I know what I needed to say. My colleagues rated me and they were satisfied with the result, but there are always things that I can work on. They said that my second presentation was better then my first and that I showed the feedback from last time. After my presentation Brent and I started to fill in the mid-term review. He knows what he is talking about and he wants to teach me more about designing so he gave a lot explanation, which is what I like. I have the upcoming weeks for a new project to compare for the final review.

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