Smith And Johnson

The past view days I have been working on a second internship assignment. This time I had to make a logo for a private bank called Smith and Johnson. My colleagues gave me the last time a lot feedback where I can work on, and I took there advise. One of the feedback was that I could talk mor about the brief the client gave me. As I said I had to design a logo for a bank, I had to make five options for a logo with a customised ampersand and the logo have to work on a coloured background. You see below some slides of my presentation.

Final Presentation

Essay about Raak

The past weeks I have been working on a essay for school. In the first place I didn’t know what I needed to do, but after I read carefully what I had to do wasn’t it as hard as I thought. I made a logo for myself to to design my assay so everybody will know it’s mine. I thought about it a long time, I didn’t know what my style is and how I can put my name in a logo, it took years. While im doing my internships I learned more about myself and I know better who I am and what I like. I also made a letterhead so I can make my essay on it.

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